Economic feasibility of localized irrigation in coffee cropping

Economic feasibility of localized irrigation in coffee cropping

Dr. C. Roberto Martínez Varona, Dr. C. Enrique Cisneros Zayas,

Instituto de Investigaciones de Ingeniería Agrícola (IAgric), Boyeros, La Habana, Cuba.

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agrícolas Vol.25 No.2: pp. 44-50 San José de las Lajas abr.-jun. 2016

This research was aimed at defining from the economical point of view, an appropriate surface localized irrigation technology to cultivate coffee trees for the soil climatic conditions of San Andres, from the evaluation of the effect of settled plantations of two moisture areas (52 and 100 % of vital space) and two irrigation intervals (every 3 and 5 days) over agricultural yields and obtain profitability according the technology used. Among the technological variants studied, the best result showed was the one included to wet as minimum 52% of vital area every 5 days, where best yields were obtained (24,46t/ha coffee cherry) and the biggest relations Benefit/Cost (4,19) benefits obtained with relation to capital spent to long term (32,36) to a total cost per irrigation (2,45) as well as the highest net profits (67 377,7 pesos/ha).

Validation of this proposal in extensive production conditions also showed high economical effectively.

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