Use of the activated water and with magnetic treatment in the tomato

Use of the activated water and with magnetic treatment of the tomato under organoponics conditions.

Carmen E. Duarte D, Greter Guevara y Maykel Méndez

Instituto de Investigaciones de Riego y Drenaje (IIRD).C. Habana, Cuba.

Soil and Water

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, 13 (3) 2004

An investigation was carried out in organoponics of the IIRD, during two years on the application of the water with treatments physique chemical (activation and magnetization) for the irrigation of the Rilia tomato variety. During the period, the dynamics of growth was studied settling down the differences between the magnetization treatments and activation of the water on the witness; it was also evaluated the yield and its components whose behaviour indicated that there was increment of 64% with the irrigation with water tried magnetically and 38% with the water activated in the fruits by plants.

The total yield was overcome in 26% with the activated water and in 45% with the water tried magnetically, with relationship to the witness in the one that irrigated with the normal water. In the hydraulic evaluation carried out to the system to the located irrigation, you could verify that the irrigation with activated water and tried magnetically it maintains the flow of the emitters and the coefficient of irrigation uniformity was higher (above 90%), characteristic of the applied technology, not being same for the normal water. You can conclude that the physical treatments applied to the water were effective for the tomato cultivation and for the located irrigation system.

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