Technology for the irrigation in nurseries of fruit-bearing and forest

Technology for the irrigation in nurseries of fruit-bearing and forest

Guerrero P. P., Bonet P. C., Rodríguez C. D. y Jiménez L. R.

 Ingeniería Agrícola, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 37-41, enero-junio 2012, Cuba

 It is presented the design and evaluation of a sprinkler irrigation system of national production for their employment in fruit and forest nurseries. The prototype of the system has been proven in a nursery located in the School of Training of the Ministry of the Agriculture in Camaguey province which was carried out hydraulic, operational and economic evaluations with the objective of knowing its application possibilities in a widespread way. The results indicate that the system is of easy operation and compatible with the irrigation of forest plants in the nursery phase, the required investment is smaller to 50% of the necessary one for irrigation systems cared with the same objective, at the same time the expenses of exploitation are tiny. The values of uniformity and application efficiency reached 82% and 76% respectively, these results are qualified of satisfactory in the specialized literature, being the quality of the irrigation evaluated of good. The obtained results as well as the readiness of the necessary accessories confirm that it is possible to generalize the use of these irrigation systems in forest nurseries of the whole country.

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