Integral technology for irrigation management in the pineapple crop

Bonet. P. C. Integral technology for irrigation management in the pineapple crop in productive systems of Ciego de Ávila.

Agricultural Technical Sciences Magazine, ISSN -1010-2760, RNPS-0111, Vol 22, No.1, January-March, pp. 90-92, 2013

Summaries of the contents of the dissertation defense submitted to the Permanent Court National Agricultural Engineering of the Republic of Cuba in 2012.

An integral technology for irrigation management pineapple under the prevailing soil and climatic conditions in the province of Ciego de Ávila in Cuba is developed; coefficients and parameters for agronomic irrigation forecast are studied, the effect of water on the performance and the criteria for the application of principles of control deficit irrigation is valued in this culture; irrigation systems are evaluated by sprinkler using 1 ha as an alternative for irrigation small-scale pineapple.

The curve of the crop coefficient (Kc), the coefficients(Kp) of the evaporimeter tank class A, with values of 0.58 and 0.65 for dry and wet periods was obtained, respectively, as well as water stress coefficients (Ks ), with values ranging between 0.75 and 0.25 for the studied soil; finally a high correlation between crop yield and water was found. It was concluded that control deficit irrigation criteria can be applied to this crop, the irrigation frequencies and water requirements recommended by physiological development stages were determined. The hydraulic evaluation of sprinkler irrigation systems 1 ha has reflected satisfactory results, both systems ensure proper irrigation scheduling needs of the crop, resulting operational and economically feasible stationary irrigation technology.

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7 years ago

Muy interesante lo que comentas en el artículo es genial, he descubierto tu pagina y me ha sorprendido el contenido que posee. ¡Saludos y gracias!”