Sustainable people per hectare of irrigation for different farming strategies.

Juan G, R and Juan G. R. Sustainable people per hectare of irrigation for different farming strategies.

Juan Tomas Roíg Horticultural Club, Havana,Cuba,1999.

During the period from 1991 to 1998, under the conditions of ecological agriculture in Havana, a study on the planning of crops, farm strategy and support of people per unit area in terms of agricultural yields was realized. It was found that:A rational exploitation of the crops and resources, can hold 90 people / hectare / year from the production of viands and vegetables, with a supplement in the diet of grains and fruits, excluding demand rice, wheat, meat and milk.

In the years 1997 and 1998, under conditions of irrigation and deficit irrigation was performed in the same area, a planting strategy that reduced the cultivation of vegetables and viands and increased the area devoted to grains and fruit, allowing for a hold 60 inhabitants / hectare / year for a sowing of: 35% viands, 13% vegetables, 33% grain and 19% for fruit, with an average yield of 24.9 tons per year per hectare for the structure used, which does not include requirements for rice, wheat, meat and milk.

When it is consider the needs of per capita viands, vegetables, grains and fruits, rice and wheat demand, the requirements for meat and milk and the production of food for animals, it is estimated that the support per unit area in irrigation is 10 inhabitants / ha / year from the experimental results and production on farms and livestock and with reference to the indicators of average consumption per person.

The cultivation of grains, cereals and livestock production is characterized by low yields per hectare which when compared with those obtained in areas used to grow viands, vegetables and fruit, show the great reduction in the support of people / hectare / year to be necessary to devote large amounts of land planted with cereals, grains and livestock farm.

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