Solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change in Puerto Padre

Diaz G.A.F.,Velasquez G.E. Arruebarrena K.M. Solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change in Puerto Padre

 University of Las Tunas Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Filial Universitaria Puerto Padre December 17, 2014, Cuba.

Water and Irrigation. Vol .: 6, No. 1: 1-3, January 2015, Spain.

Some practical, easy and feasible solutions to cooperate in mitigating climate change in regions located on the seacoast are provided; allowing obtaining chemically acceptable for use in water housework. In regions whose geographical location enable high evaporation can get up a liter and half of fresh water per day depending on the size of the receiving devices employees.

In 2050, the lack of water will affect 7,000 million people, UN warns. Often the lack of potable water forces the most disadvantaged populations using contaminated sources, which means washing, eating, drinking, and clean their houses with water filled with bacteria harmful to your health. In recent years there has been increasing interest in converting seawater into drinking water in very dry regions like the Middle East, various processes such as distillation, electro dialysis, reverse osmosis and evaporation by direct freezing have been developed for this end. Despite their success, these processes of seawater treatment are even more expensive.

With the exposed solutions are intended to help reduce pollution to the environment from the use of renewable energy, while the possibility of obtaining water, free of bacteria to domestically level in marine littoral regions is provided.


The walls of the pool allow the desalter become at in area of rainfall interception for water harvest and thus adds to the production of new freshwater availability.

Dibujo 48.1 Desalador solar

Perspective of the dual purpose solar desalter

Dibujo 48.2 Desalador solar perspectivo



This constructive variant of desalter is available to everyone with minimal demands on resources. For dimensions of 35 x 45 cm. the transparent covers, with this desalter is possible tocollect up to half a liter of water in a sunny day

 Dibujo 55. Desalador solar artesanal



Is a simple plastic cone on a reservoir which is filled with salt water and left in the sun. Depositing black color absorbs sunlight and heats the water dissipates to condense on the walls of the cone. The droplets are falling through the walls to fall into the outermost part of the border around the base.

Dibujo 56.1 Desalador solar industrial

Dibujo 56.2 Desalador solar industrial

With this technology you can get one liter and half clean water daily from salt water and a fairly simple and inexpensive to manufacture device.


Exposed solutions allow obtaining freshwater without unhealthy bacteria, from the use of saltwater

As solutions using renewable energy, prevent pollution of the environment by mitigating climate change and making them economically feasible.

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