Status of water resources in Nicaragua.

Status of water resources in Nicaragua. Castillo H. E., Calderon P. H., Delgado Q. V., Flores M. Y. and Salvatierra S. T.

Geological and Mining Journal, Volume 117, No 1, 2006, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, is abundant in surface and ground water resources. His two great lakes of tectonic origin, Xolotlán of 1,040 km2 and Cocibolca of 8,200 km2, its 21 river basins with a potential 152 596 000 m3, a great number of lakes of volcanic origin and two artificial lakes are part of their wealth. In the Pacific Region has further potential aquifers while in the Atlantic region the abundance of surface water resources has pushed the development of groundwater resources.

In the Pacific region has the largest population density is where is developed the largest agricultural and industrial activies in the country which has led, in some cases to the overexploitation of aquifers, and a progressive degradation of water quality, which threatens the future  water availability  for the life of the population. Efforts have been directed to solving these problems, with an integrated watershed approach, which is now gradually resulting in conservation and restoration of water resources.

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