Russia lost 7.3% of crops by drought

Russia lost 7.3% of crops by drought

Economy,  August 14, 2012. RIA Novosti. Moscow.

The drought destroyed in 2012, the 7.3% of crops in Russia, the damage caused exceeds 1,000 million dollars, said the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Nikolai Fyodorov, in a meeting which explored measures helps to affected farmers.

The acting director of the Department of Crop and Plant Protection, Denis Paspekov said: the drought in 21 entities of the Russian Federation, affected more than 5.56 million hectares in total, equivalent to 7.3% of all sown areas. According preliminary estimation, the damage caused exceeds 1,000 million dollars.

  Russia lost the 7.3% of crops by drought, RIA Novosti.                                                            In August 13, the state of emergency was introduced in 17 states of Russia, ten submitted requests for financial aid. The Ministry of Agriculture studies the granting of subsidies to the affected regions to acquire the production needed to feed the pigs and poultry and milk, conservation herd of cattle, buying seeds and mineral fertilizers.

Fyodorov said that needed to perform a thorough assessment of the losses suffered by drought and take appropriate measures to ensure the country’s food security.

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