Alternate furrow irrigation in the sugar cane crop.

Meneses P. J. Alternate furrow irrigation in the sugar cane crop.

Territorial Research Station of Sugarcane. Habana-Pinar del Río, 2003, Cuba.

Evaluations on alternate furrow irrigation in the sugarcane crop in two soil types in order to determine the effect of the implementation of alternate furrow irrigation on the efficiencies, irrigation productivity and water saving were conduced.Soil 1: Lixiviated reddish yellow quartzite ferrallític located in sugarcane enterprise José Martí in the province of Pinar del Río. Soil 2: Yellow gleyzer vertisols located in areas of the Rice Research Institute, in Havana province.

To obtain the irrigation field data were used: polyethylene siphon previously calibrated with 50 mm internal diameter, Parshall flumes to measure the water delivery in the furrows, soil drills,weighed recipient, analytical balance and heater. For the irrigation evaluation for farm level was used SIRMOD mathematical simulation model which was developed by the Engineering Division Computer Science Department of Biological and Irrigation Engineering at the University of Utah State.

Five furrows were selected to evaluate the furrrow length at each soil type and level of delivery, for measurements and assessments were used the central furrow and the three furrows of medium, leaving the two extreme furrows as border effect, for each prove was made 3 repeats. It was found that alternate furrow irrigation can increase the efficiency of irrigation application between 34 and 47% compared with continuous furrow irrigation.

It also succeeded in increasing the productivity of irrigation between 35 and 47% and water savings from 284 to 291 m3 / ha, when alternate furrow irrigated was compared with continuous furrow irrigation.
It recommends the use of alternate furrow irrigation in the sugarcane crop as a way to achieve greater efficiency and water savings in the exploitation of gravity irrigation systems, without affecting crop yields.

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