Garlic response to the use of the magnetic treatment irrigation

Response of two garlic varieties to the use of the magnetic treatment irrigation

 Duarte Díaz, Carmen E.,

 Instituto de Investigaciones de Riego y Drenaje, La Habana

 Soil and water

 Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias 10(3): 73-76, 2001, Cuba.

 Universidad Agraria de La Habana Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez, Cuba

In order to evaluate the response of two varieties of garlic with the use of TMA irrigation, experiments were conducted under field conditions on a Ferralítico Red Compacted soil in the current technological estate transparency during campaigns IIRD 91/92, 94/95, 96/97, in nurseries of three rows plants, localized irrigation system with micro sprinklers are used to deliver water to the crop. two treatments one magnetization of water and another witness who irrigated with not magnetized water,distributed in randomized blocks were evaluated. It was used a three inch electro magnetizer to effect water treatment. crop parameters which indicated the stimulation magnetically treated water provoked on varieties of garlic and Criollo Vietnamese was studied.

Phenological differences were observed, yields ranged between 5.65 and 6.05 t / ha in the control and 6.71 to 6.77 for the Vietnamese garlic treated with an increase in yields of 11-16%, yields of 6.51 t / ha in the control and 7.69 t / ha for TMA were obtained in the Criollo, which represented a 15% increase in production. The TMA facilitated the assimilation of nutrients by the plants, which were absorbed and concentrates mostly on leaves and fruit, improving crop quality.

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