Response to the pepper crop to deficit irrigation

Production response to the pepper crop (Capsicum annuum L.) to deficit irrigation out the season

 Boicet F. T.; Verdecia S. J.; Pujol O. P., Alarcón Z. A. Boudet A. A. D.

 Universidad de Granma, Bayamo, Cuba

 Soil and Water

 Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, Vol. 10, núm. 4, pp. 75-78, 2001,

Universidad Agraria de La Habana Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez La Habana, Cuba

The effect of applying different doses of water for three years by a deficit irrigation regime in the production of pepper growing in the soil and climate in the province of Granma was studied. The productive results of 14.97 t / ha and a profit of 329.25 pesos / ha, achieved with an efficiency of use of water applied to reported values from 3.41 to 5.19 Kg. / M3, suggesting the desirability of maintaining moisture levels in the soil not less than 85% of field capacity in areas planted pepper. Basic information for better defining the water needs of the crop is provided, allowing work on the search for maximum efficiency when water availability is a limiting factor.


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