Response of not irrigated and irrigated crops in urban conditions, of Havana.

Juan G. R. and Juan G. R. Response of not irrigated and irrigated crops in urban conditions, of Havana.

Juan Tomas Roíg Horticultural Club, Havana, 1997/. / Presented at the XII for Scienceand Technology Forum Municipality of East Havana, 1997/.

Under the urban conditions of Alamar municipality, on the coast north of the city of Havana, were studied the yields of viands, vegetables, grains and fruit trees in three plots: the first is in terms of irrigation and is dedicated mainly to vegetables The second plot is earmarked for deficit irrigation of viands, vegetables, grains and fruit, the third in drought conditions is used in the production of viands, grains, fruits and some vegetables.

The average annual rainfall of the area under study is 1146 millimetres; the average annual temperature is 25 degrees centigrade and 79% relative humidity.

In the viands the main crop is banana viand and banana fruit dedicated for cooking, followed in importance cassava, sweet potatoes and yams. In vegetables is cultivated mainly tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, garlic, chives, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, beans etc. Grains of the main crop is corn and lesser black beans are grown and peanuts. In the fruit are grown: banana fruit, citrus, Annona, guava, bomb fruit, but there are other fruit trees.

We found that the yields are influenced by the structure of sowing used, the varieties , the various agricultural factors, conditions of soil and climate, obtaining annual average values for study crops of: 8 to 16 tons per hectare in not irrigated areas, 17 to 25 tonnes per hectare when using deficit irrigation and over 25 tonnes / hectare in irrigated areas.

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