Response of the kidney bean to the controlled water deficit

Response of the kidney bean to the controlled water deficit in organoponic conditions under covered protector

Cun González R., Montero San José L. y Duarte Díaz C.

Instituto de Investigaciones de Riego y Drenaje (IIRD).La Habana, Cuba.

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, Vol. 18, No. 4: 54-58, 2009, Cuba

The research was developed with the objective to study the effect of the controlled water deficit on the kidney bean crop (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) with the drip irrigation under covered protector. It was conduced from April to June in Havana city, Cuba under organoponic condition from the Irrigation and Drainage Research Institute (IDRI). The soil was mixed Red Ferrallitic soil and sugar cane trash. The treatments consisted on reducing the water requirements of this crop in 50%, 30% and 25% at different phases of the cultivation.

The result shows that highest yields of 1,60 Kg/m2 were obtained when water requirements was reduced in 50% at the beginning of the vegetative growth to flowering and in 25% from fruit formation to harvest. The use of drip irrigation system placing a pipe for each crop row, allowed irrigation water management with great accuracy due to it high efficiency. The total water requirement was 75 litres/ m2, deliver in 25 irrigations for the suggested treatment in a spring sowing.


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