United Kingdom at risk for worst drought in 35 years

United Kingdom at risk for worst drought in 35 years   

2012-02-20 United Kingdom

United Kingdom could face a severe drought this year when the rivers are dry and recorded less rain and snow this winter, it was reported today in the British press. The rivers and water reservoirs have dried up due to lack of rain and the water levels are 20 percent below normal levels. The situation has prompted that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra, for its acronym in English) from United Kingdom take “preventive measures” to tackle the worst drought in the UK since 1976.

At a summit on drought, Defra secretary, Caroline Spelman, said the fact that Britain is facing its second consecutive dry winter, which is affecting agriculture. To avoid drought, officials and experts have made ​​suggestions as to channel water from the wet north to the dry south and stop water leaks. According to Spelman, the water companies have reduced water leakage 36 percent from the 90’s of the twentieth century. However, the likelihood of banning garden hoses in the country is higher this year, he added.


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