Irrigation regime of Bean crop

Giralt. E. Irrigation regime of Bean crop.

Irrigation and Drainage Series Volume 2, No. 1, 5-28, Havana, 1979.

It was evaluated the irrigation regime for the bean crop in a red Ferrallitic soil, at the Experimental Station of Irrigation in Havana province. It was found that the bean is very sensitive to soil moisture conditions in some stages of their development, notably in germination, flowering and pod development. The lower yields of plants were obtained by the suspension of one or two consecutive irrigations at these stages of the crop.

The moisture in the soil should be kept above 80% of field capacity during the critical stages of the crop and should not be less than 75% of field capacity in the remaining stages of the growing season bean crop. The partial water requirement for irrigation must be calculated to a depth of 0, 30 m from germination to flowering and 0.40 m from flowering.

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