Cotton irrigation regime in the conditions of Bulgaria.

Cotton irrigation regime in the conditions of Bulgaria.

Hidrotecnia and Melioration Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998.

The cotton irrigation regime was calculated by the method of balance of soil moisture for dry half a year, with a 75% chance of precipitation from historical series of different areas under study, evapotranspiration by phase culture was determined from the investigation. Cotton irrigation in the conditions of Bulgaria has great significance as rainfall during the period from June to August are not sufficient to meet the water requirements of the crop.

It was found that for the various agricultural regions of Bulgaria, the number of irrigations that need cotton ranges from 3 to 4 during the months of June through the first ten days of August to apply a total water requirement of 1800-2400 m3 / ha. In cotton growing, sprinkler irrigation has a higher response compared with furrow irrigation.

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