Irrigation recommendations of tobacco cultivars in Cuba

Juan G. R. Irrigation recommendations of tobacco cultivars in Cuba.

Hydraulic Will, Havana , Cuba No. 67:35-40, (1985)/. / Irricab Vol. 8 (3), Ref. 2106, Bet Dagan, Israel- Ottawa, Canadá 1983 .

There are recommendations on the water requirements of the different varieties of tobacco that are cultivated in Cuba , as well as the hydro module of the same in function of: soil, the form of cultivation, harvesting and operation hours of irrigation systems. It was found that consumptive use maximum corresponds to covered dark tobacco in the province of Havana, with an average value of 224 mm for a cycle of 85 days, it recommending 1650 net m3 / ha for a year 75 % probability of rain. The minimal irrigation demands are for Virginia tobacco in the province of Pinar del Rio, with a total net water requirement of 1225 m3/ha.

The hydro modules have a range of 0.61 to 1.34 l / sec. / ha, when calculated using net water irrigation requirement maximum economic from 220 to 330 m3 / ha and irrigation intervals from8 to12 days to consider from 10 to 16 hours exploitation, to be used as a basis for calculating sprinkler irrigation .

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