Major floods in summer 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Juan G. R. Major floods in summer 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Water and Irrigation. .: Vol 5, No. 1: 33-34, October, 2014, Spain.

Rainstorms, typhoons, monsoons and cyclonics are the main cause of flooding and in this summer the floods have affected more strongly in the Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe and to a lesser extent America and Africa. In Asia there have been major floods in India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Japan and Vietnam, in Europe, especially the most affected are France, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia and Romania. In North America the major floods were recorded in New York in the United States, Baja California and Monterrey, Mexico. In Central America, bad weather hit Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. In North Africa by the rains and floods were affected 55 provinces in 15 states in Sudan.

During the summer of 2014, in the Pacific has occurred a large cyclonic activity with a total of 16 shocks between tropical depressions, tropical storms and typhoons, while in the Atlantic has been only 6 In the Indian Ocean activity monsoon has been active. Rainstorms are the main cause of floods and summer rain storms have affected more strongly to Asia and Europe and to a lesser extent America and Africa. In this work we have selected the main 2014 summer floods in the northern hemisphere.

Flooding caused by monsoon rains that hit for more than a week to Pakistan and India has left at least 465 dead and caused the displacement of over two million people, according to local authorities said. The floods that hit northern India and eastern Pakistan, left closed roads and damaged bridges, the rains washed away crops and homes. It was the worst flooding in the last 60 years, the cumulative rainfall in the region exceeds 330 mm Floods are common in Southeast Asia between July and August, but the strength of storms in recent days has been higher than normal 11 / 9/2014. Total 180 killed by floods caused by monsoon rains in Nepal and India, thousands of people displaced and flooded districts. 18/08/2014

Typhoon ‘Rammasun’ by China has resulted so far 62 people dead and 21 missing, Some 862,000 people have been relocated elsewhere due to the damage caused by the typhoon, while 261,000 of whom need help urgently. The ‘Rammasun’ has destroyed 37,000 houses and 250,000 hectares of crop, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua, 20/07/2014. In China this summer has been attacked by three typhoons. The Rammasun typhoon made landfall in Vietnam over the weekend, where it caused heavy flooding, destroyed homes and crops, and landslides blocked roads, reported Vietnam 07/21/2014.

Amounted to 94 dead and about 450,000 people evacuated in the Philippines by Typhoon Rammasun, which on Wednesday hit the northern half of the country with wind gusts up to 250 kilometers per hour. The typhoon, known in the Philippines as Glenda, is officially named the ninth named storm and third typhoon of the annual season.16 / 7 / 2014 Philippines this summer has been attacked by two typhoons and two tropical storms when the Philippines was Typhoon Rammasun still recovering from the damage caused by Haiyan, the month of November 2013 that caused 6,300 deaths and more than 1,000 missing and 28,700 injured each.

During the summer Japan was damaged by several tropical storms including a tropical depression in Hiroshima, a tropical depression on the island of Hokkaido, severe Nakri tropical storm and Halong and Neoguri typhoons. Tropical depression of Hiroshima, which gave little meteorological value was the most damaging to Japan, as it rained fiercely with a value of 200mm in 3 hours and then subsequently continued raining for time intervals in a mountainous area and it was on soaked triggering landslides and flooding areas, causing a total of 70 dead and 18 missing persons and property loss. At the beginning of autumn Japan has been attacked by two new typhoon the Phanfone and Vongfong.

Central Europe has in recent weeks been especially affected by severe flooding in France, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia and Romania. In the French Mediterranean storms as a result of low pressure affecting the region, have claimed the lives of four people, in Montpellier fell 300 mm of rainfall accumulated in 20 hours. The central regions of Croatia have also been affected by heavy rains especially during the weekend causing havoc in homes and factories, there are several road closures and numerous villages were evacuated. Sweden and Denmark were the first countries where there has been flooding. 18 Sep 2014 In the spring the Balkans was also greatly affected by the floods. During winter rainstorm that hit the UK resulted in severe flooding.

The death toll rising to 77 by the rains and floods the capital Khartoum in Sudan and several states. The government declared a high alert to cope with the increased water level in the river Nile. They were affected 55 provinces in 15 states, this year has been the wettest in the last twenty years. It is estimated that it will take seven years to build a drainage system that will avoid further flooding according to government sources. 08/13/2014

The rainfall recorded in New York in the summer in parts of Long Island within hours on Wednesday, flooded roads and basements, as well as causing at least one death. The 33.7 inches of rain recorded at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma during the morning were more than the normal total rainfall in the area during June, July and August of 29.9 inches. He broke the previous state trademark of rain in 24 hours, 29.5 inches recorded three years ago near Tannersville during tropical storm “Irene” .New York, 08.13.2014.

The powerful Hurricane Odile Monday caused flooding and damage in the tourist Baja California peninsula, in northwestern Mexico, while its center moved overland hours after touching coasts from Pacífico.15 / 9/2004. Torrential rains cause flooding of streets and avenues, overflowing rivers and streams, landslides in nearby residential areas to the mountains, stranded vehicles and washed away in the metropolitan area of Nuevo Leon’s capital Monterrey, Mexico. 22/9/2014. In Nicaragua rainfall mainly affected the departments of Chinandega, Rivas, Granada and Río San Juan de Nicaragua, where the government counted 5,900 people affected and 505 families evacuated. Bad weather also fond of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. 07/11/2014.

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