Heatwaves its effect and drought in 2018

Juan G. R., Juan G. R. and Juan P. J. Heatwaves its effect and drought in 2018. 

Water and Irrigation Vol: 9, No. 1: 13-15, October 2018, Spain.

Heat waves and drought have manifested with great intensity in 2018, in different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania as a result of greater global warming, causing hundreds of human losses and billions of dollars in losses of harvests in different crops, registering the highest temperature of 51.3 ° C, in the Sahara desert, Algeria. Prolonged heat waves, accompanied by low rainfall intensify the drought. Greater control of greenhouse gas emissions in different countries is necessary to enable a better future for generations to come and a more sustainable planet.

– A heat wave with temperatures of more than 40 degrees in the port city of Karachi in southern Pakistan caused 65 deaths, recorded with maximum values ​​of 44 º C Among the victims there are many people who was in strict fast due to Ramadan, the sacred month for Muslims, when they do not eat or drink during the day. In 2015, 2,000 people died in a heat wave in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan with more than 20 million inhabitants, according to a spokesman for the Department of Health, May 24. 2018. India also reports 200 victims as a result of heat waves.

– Shockwave of wet heat wave hits Japan causing 80 deaths, leaving some 35,000 people in hospitals in the last three weeks. Last week, temperatures rose to more than 35 degrees in the shade in many places, was the deadliest with 65 people who lost their lives, Two weeks earlier, 15 people had been counted killed by the same phenomenon of heat, according to the Agency of Fire and Disaster Management. High temperatures are being recorded in several regions of the country, with values ​​between 35 and about 40 ° Celsius in the shade and humidity of more than 80%, several Japanese cities show a deadly combination, as it weakens the natural defenses of people, .according to the Meteorological Japan Agency, July 24, 2018

– 29 people die in South Korea due to heat waves according to the Ministry of Health Welfare and Disease Control of South Korea. The country suffers a wave of intense heat with temperatures above 35 ° C, registering a maximum temperature of 39.6 ° C, reported the Korea Meteorological Agency (KMA). August 2, 2018

– A heat wave in the Chinese district of Shanghai causes people to sleep on the street, looking for a bit of breeze. When night falls, after the shops close, neighbors flee the suffocating heat of their small homes, and settle in banks or even on the sidewalks. For several weeks, a heat wave hits Shanghai, with thermometers exceeding 35º C. Last summer, Shanghai experienced a record temperature, reaching 41º C, according to the municipal meteorological office August 10, 2018

– The high temperatures recorded in northeastern China, where the main fish farms where the sea cucumber is grown, considered a luxury dish, have caused the death of millions of specimens. In Liaoning province the breeding centers of these animals, the temperature of the water of the farms that are located on the coast, where the ponds are shallow, reached the end of July values ​​of 36 degrees for several days. This species grows in cold waters, with a temperature of between 10 and 18 degrees according to the China Daily newspaper. According to data from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the province, 63,000 hectares of breeding farms have been severely damaged and 68,000 tons of sea cucumbers have been spoiled. The economic losses amount to 6.870 billion yuan, about 870 million euros. August 10, 2018

A historic heat wave in North Africa, on Thursday, July 5, 2018, brought its highest and most reliably recorded temperature: 51.3 ° C, in Ouargla, in the Sahara Desert, Algeria, at a height of 219 meters, according to Dr. Jeff Masters. In the Sahel region, high temperatures have also been recorded, in some areas above 45 º C, in the northern region bordering the Sahara desert, which, associated with the lack of rainfall, affects a prolonged drought, which intensifies the harvest losses and famine.

-Extensive heat wave from Africa affects Spain where temperatures of 42 to 44 º C are recorded in some regions of the country, with maximum temperatures of 46 º C, continues its expansion through the rest of Europe. The high temperatures have left this summer 30 victims in Spain of which 23 dead were reported by Catalonia. Those affected were elderly people, children and patients with diseases related to high temperatures, although there were also different cases independent of sex and age. In Portugal, temperatures above 40 º C are recorded. In France, temperatures exceed 35 º C In Italy temperatures reached 38 º C, the heat wave registers high values, ​​even in cold countries located farther north with temperatures of 33 degrees C in London, United Kingdom, In Greece more than 70 people die from fires. On July 25 temperatures of over 35 º C were recorded in Germany, the heat wave reaches Sweden and Finland, the heat wave continues its advance through Russia until it reaches Siberia.7 August 2018.

-Australia located in the southern hemisphere, does not escape from the heat wave, hundreds of flying fox bats die. The temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius and in a few hours the lives of more than 200 hundred of the gigantic bats called flying foxes were charged. Forced by the human activity that destroyed their environment, the furry animals with a face and colors similar to a fox, had settled a decade ago in Campbeltown, a town in Sydney, where the colony of flying foxes was hit, killing hundreds on the ground and even hanging from the trees, according to the animal rescue teams Wires Wolondilly. A local report released in 2015, highlighted that these bats, as long-range pollinators, are fundamental for the survival of valuable forests and species. https://www.lagranepoca.com/news/medio-ambiente. It should be noted that in January in Australia is the summer, so temperatures rise greatly. 01/08/2018

-The number of deaths in Canada amount to 50, as a result of the worst wave of heat and humidity that plagues the country, the greatest human losses have been recorded in Montreal in Quebec, in the center of Montreal the thermometer marked 36.6 degrees C, At these temperatures with high humidity, a deadly combination is created for people with respiratory problems and other medical conditions related to increased temperatures. In Montreal, 19 public buildings were set up as “refrigeration centers” so that those who do not have air conditioning in their homes can seek temporary shelter. In 2010, when another wave of heat and humidity affected Quebec during the month of July, more than 100 deaths attributed to extreme temperatures were recorded. In the United States, the heat wave affects areas in the northeast of the country, reaching 35 º C in some regions. In the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, with a population of more than 90 million people, the heat wave has left 3 dead according to CNN, 6/7/2018. In other States located to the South and in the West of the USA, victims have also been reported as a result of the heat wave.

-10 dead by heat wave in Baja California, Mexico. Temperatures above 50 º C, last month caused the death of 73 people in Baja California by heat wave 4/8/2018.

-Global warming as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, caused largely by human activity has been very active during 2018, manifested in a large number of countries in different continents, characterized by an intense heat wave that has caused the death of several hundred people. Prolonged heat waves accompanied by low rainfall intensify the drought. Another consequence of global warming this year has been the drought that has affected harvests in several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania causing great economic losses. It is noteworthy that the activity of: storms, cyclones, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes has also been very active leaving thousands dead and great economic losses. Greater control of greenhouse gas emissions in different countries is necessary to enable a better future for generations to come and a more sustainable planet


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