Water requirements for the Orange Valencia variety

Zamora, E., Rey, R. Juan G. R. et al. Water requirements for the Orange Valencia variety.

Taken from Juan G. R., G. E. Dehoguez and L. Tzenova. “Irrigation.” Pág.125-137, Havana, Cuba, 1996.

It is performed a regional irrigation regime of sweet orange variety Valencia in the production stage for the main citrus regions of Cuba. In carrying out the work using information on precipitation, evaporation, hydro physical properties of soils, bioclimatic coefficient “K”, technical specifications of cultivation and a computer program to calculate the various elements of the irrigation regime. The climatic data were analyzed decennial using sets of 18 to 20 years.

The balance was determined for the different months of the year. The total water requirement of the orange crop was calculated for the year 25% probability of total water requirement, with a national average of 4992 m3/hectare. The irrigation average is 12.

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