Taro crop water requirement in the Cuban conditions.

Giralt E., Zamora, E., et al. Taro crop water requirement in the Cuban conditions.

Taken from: Juan G. R., Dehoguez G. E. and Tzenova L. The Irrigation, Page: 125-137, Havana, Cuba, 1996.

To calculate the project’s irrigation regime in the taro crop was used the year of 25% probability of total water requirement, calculated from time series of rainfall and evaporation no less than 20 years. In implementing the work, it was used basic information: precipitation and evaporation analyzed every ten days, hydro properties of soils, bioclimatic coefficient “K”, technical culture specifications and a computer program to calculate the different components of the irrigation regime. The balance of the information is made for crop life cycle. The total water requirement of the taro crop have a national average value of 5786 m3/ha, with partial water requirement of 263 m3/ha.

The average number of irrigation is 22 for a crop cycle of 10 months, irrigating at 0.30 m depth from planting until the closure of the field and 0.40 m the rest of the growing season.The irrigation was calculated using the sprinkler technique, if is used the furrow irrigation and is increased the irrigation depth, decrease the number of applied irrigations to the taro crop.

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