Rice total water requirement in cold planting for western Cuba

Garcia O., Aleman L. Rice total water requirement in cold planting for western Cuba.

Taken from Juan G. R, G. Dehoguez E and L. Tzenova. Irrigation, Pág.125 – 137, Havana, Cuba, 1996.

To calculate the irrigation regime of rice-growing in cold period for medium and short-cycle, was used the year of 25% probability of total water requirement, calculated decennial from historical data of rainfall and evaporation in series no less than 20 years. The balance of the information is made for the crop life cycle and considers the average for rice areas in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana and Matanzas.

The total net water requirement for the cultivation of rice in dry soil preparation, planting dry in cold period is 11 364 m3 for a crop cycle of 155 days and 9072 m3 for planting in dry cold for a crop cycle of 125 days. To calculate total gross water requirement should be considered an irrigation efficiency of 0.70%

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