Not are enough irrigation systems against drought.

Not are enough irrigation systems against drought.

Rodolfo Ortiz. El, Digital Newspaper August 27, 2015, El Salvador.

Effective use of resources, technology investment risk and planning to tackle climate change in El Salvador and ensure the production of basic grains is needed, not enough just to irrigation systems in the fight against drought, should coordinate plans response to any crisis. The countries of the region should move towards precision agriculture.

Irrigation systems, by themselves, are not sufficient for agriculture face the climate change. investment is needed in technology, risk prevention models, constant monitoring and efficient use of resources to protect the production of basic grains. That’s one of the comments made by the consultant in food security, and researcher at the Borlaug Institute, Elsa Murano, during his visit to the country.

In theory, irrigation systems are one of the bets of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) to combat droughts. However the construction of these has not yet started. Murano said that a country should first make efficient use of resources, including water for crops.

The countries of Central America should move towards a “precision agriculture”. This implies a large investment in the sector because it requires use of GPS systems and sensors to monitor soil moisture, temperature changes and predictive models of climate change. All this information allows agriculture to be accurate, deciding the right time for planting, irrigation and crop fertilizer.

But did not specify a value, the consultant said that an investment of this type is large and requires the participation of governments and the private sector. “Because the private sector can contribute resources, and perspectives based on practice.”. Furthermore, from the information gathered with technology, must be coordinated response plans any crisis. It is not just wait another drought or flood, but to plan a suitable response.

The reaction to climate change should be the adoption of modified plants either traditional or transgenic gene. Climate change will alter the extremes: high temperatures, constant droughts, rainstorms and floods, the main risk is that this biological stress scenario favors the proliferation of plant and animal diseases. Not to act, increase the risk of the number of hungry people run, she said.

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