Irrigation timing of the tobacco commercial cultivars in Cuba .

Juan G. R. Irrigation timing of the tobacco commercial cultivars in Cuba .

Hydraulic Engineering Vol. 20 (1): 34-36. Havana , Cuba 1999.

The optimal irrigation timing from to results of experiment research in tobacco commercial cultivars, carried during more of 20 years, was determined. The optimal irrigation timing has relation with the soils and varieties and it response with the higher yields and tobacco quality, with values of 75-75-65 %, 75-75-65 %, 75-75-70 % and 75-70- 65 % of field capacity for crop phases, when the tobacco of Corojo, Criollo, Burley-37 and Speight G-28 varieties respectively was cultivated in loam sandy soil of type Ferrallitic quartzite

and 85-82-80 % and 85-85-80 % of field capacity for the Corojo and Pelo de Oro tobacco cultivated in clay soils of type Red ferrallitic and Brown carbonate respectively, with an average yield of 2.0 t/ha. The first phase is from transplant to 8-10 leaves, the second from 8-10 leaves to first harvest and the third phase from the first harvest to last harvest.

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