Modernization of surface irrigation technology in the banana extra dense crop

Modernization of surface irrigation technology in the banana extra dense crop.

Hernandez P. R., Jimenez E., Cun R., Montero L., Sarmiento O.

Irrigation and Drainage Research Institute, Agriculture Ministry, 2009, Havana City, Cuba.

Water and Irrigation, Volume: 3, Nº 1: 1-2, 2012, Spain.   
The modernization of the water management in the surface irrigation has as objective to improve the irrigation effectiveness and to increase its agricultural productivity, being the result investments in research, develop and agricultural extension. Nevertheless in Cuba, this irrigation method continues being of more technological backwardness, in spite of occupy approximately, the 70% of the total area irrigated.
Results of an integral study of the reference technology in the banana crop, male clone ¾, by means of the extra-dense system, are presented.

They were carried out 4 field evaluations of irrigation with continuous flow (CI) and surge irrigation (SI), using lengths of 120m band.  The flow of the better behaviour for the CI was 4, 6 l/s/m, with application efficiency of 40, 4 %, storage efficiency of 100 % and distribution 83 %.
The savings of the water cost reached up to $137, 64 yearly. For the SI with 3 cycles, an increase of the application efficiency of 19, 4 % was obtained. The average yield of the plantation was 25, 3 T/ha. The unitary cost ascended at 1244, 75 $/T, and the economic benefit reached $16, 91 for each $ invested in the irrigation.

The virtual water test that the SF allows to decrease the 32, 67 % of the total applied water volume for Ton of produced banana, in relation to the CF. The economic – technician viability of the studied technology and of the banana extra-dense system is demonstrated, which is important in the current world crisis of foods and in the country wish to reach the alimentary self-sufficiency.

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