Improvement furrow irrigation, continuous and surge

Improvement furrow irrigation, continuous and surge, on leached red Ferrallitic soil in the Banao productive system.

Rodriguez Gonzalez M., Santana Sotolongo M., Brown Manrique O. y Alonso de la Paz F.

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, ISSN -1010-2760, RNPS-0111, Vol. 23, No. 1 (enero-febrero-marzo, pp.56-59), 2014, Cuba.

 The work has how objective to improve the irrigation effectiveness and to increase its agricultural productivity. Its were carried out seven field evaluations, with intermittent flow at constant times with three irrigation cycles of 2 min, automated with the Hydraulic Valve FULCON DN150 and with continuous flow, associated to the onion crops, in leached red Ferrallitic soil (Nitisol ródico-éutrico). It was evaluated non-erosive sock like accessory of the pipe with multiple exits for surge flow, with a design in fringe, with three treatments of 15 furrows each variant and the presence of a witness.

For determining the design parameters and evaluation one was considerate the maximum flow, advance time, application time of, time of opportunity, irrigated area in function of the time, of yield indicators of the crop and the economic analysis of the cultivation. The seating capacity of the water average flow along the furrow was of 0,416 L/·s that it represent alone 52, 6% of the non erosive Q max. With the sock decreases 1,7 times the advances time, 1,33 times the time of application and to irrigate 153,2 m2/·h more area regarding the witness, in this own treatment the opportunity time of the furrow first third overcomes to the last third 2,3 times, while the witness 6,43 times. It was demonstrated that with this modality one can irrigate more area in the same unit of time than the irrigation of continuous flow. The biggest yields were obtained with the use of the sock that represented the 41.7 % of the total obtained in the experimental unit. It is demonstrated the economic advantage that represents the practical use of this technology that reaches a net profit from 45% superior to the traditional method

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