More heat and environmental disaster in Mexico to end of the century.

More heat and environmental disaster in Mexico to end of the century.

Millennium | 22/05/2012 | Juarez City, Chihuahua, Mexico.

The Mexican Science Academy warned that Mexico, by the end of the century, will record an increase on temperature that can reach up to 4 degrees Celsius with potentially disastrous effects on the environment and in the production activities, particularly, it relates to crops , water supply and food. The country’s water resources will be affected substantially, as one would expect a negative combination of reduced water availability caused by lower rainfall in most areas and high evaporation of soil, natural vegetation  and other increases in the waterdemand.

According to María Luisa Torregrosa, a researcher at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences. The author of the chapter “Water resources in Mexico, Status and Prospects”, included in the book “Diagnosis of water in the Americas,” prepared by the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences belonging to the Mexican Academy of Sciences, said that in winter these temperatures will be felt especially in the north and west. The temperature, as time goes on, will increase especially in the summer months in northern and southeastern Mexico, are estimated anomalies near 5 degrees Celsius for the last ten years, “She said. To this, must be added the increased demand for water irrigation.

“At present the irrigation consumes about 77 percent of water resources in use in Mexico, as the study concerning the case of Mexico, which synthesizes a previous work, ‘Water in Mexico: channels and to channel, in the involving 75 authors from 27 educational institutions invited by the Mexican Academy of Sciences. It provides the reduction of natural recharge of aquifers, increasing the pressure on overexploited aquifers and those that in the currently are in balance. Global warming will cause thermal stress will decrease the productivity the some of  most important crops in Mexico, affecting its phenological cycle.

Under this scenario, the water sector in Mexico will realize a huge and costly effort to adapt to climate change, which requires deep institutional and legal changes that impact on efficient and sustainable water resources management, hold the study in of its conclusion. The researchers who prepared the chapter “Water resources in Mexico, Status and Prospects”, Blanca Jiménez, María Luisa Torregrosa, Jacinta Palerm Viqueira, Emma Zapata Martelo and Polioptro Martínez Austria, members of the AMC, among others, are pronounced, once more, for more investment in research and development on climate change, establishing real mechanisms of commitment among those involved in this phenomenon and that use Mexican data and models in the process of scenario approach.

Diagnosis of water in the Americas is the first assessment of water resources in the Americas conducted to date, aimed at promoting awareness in the society and knowledge about the value and status of water in order to improve their management and use to meet the awesome challenges of this vital resource in the region. The opinions and knowledge of 68 specialists of 15 countries, coordinated by Mexican  Blanca Jimenez Cisneros and Brazilian José Galizia Tundisi, co-chairs IANAS Water Program, represent a regional effort to help from science to the public policy development for water management.


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