Water management on filter cake tobacco seedling.

Garcia A. M., C. A. Diaz, V. P. Alvarez and Juan G. R. Water management on filter cake tobacco seedling.

Agro industry. Vol. 2 (2): 7-13, Havana, Cuba 1992.

An irrigation experiment was performed on “Corojo” seedling at the Tobacco Experiment Station in San Antonio de los Baños, Havana Province , during 1988-1989 periods. The study was conducted in seedbed border with concrete block containing filter cake as substratum. The water delivery by localized irrigation using microjet of 180º and 1 mm diameter for a discharge about 39 L/h. Five managements were compared.

The most remarkable treatment utilized 36 irrigations during seedling phase  for a total net water requirement of 1670 m3/ha, applying 35 m3/ha twice a day from sowing to 17days, 50 m3/ha once a day from 14 days to 17 days, 60 m3/ha each 3 days from 39 days to end tobacco seedling.

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