Agricultural production in small plots in urban conditions.

Juan G. R. and Juan G. R. Agricultural production in small plots in urban conditions.

Juan Tomas Roíg Horticultural Club, Havana, 1997/. / Presented to XII for Science and Technology Forum Municipality of East Havana, 1997/.

During the period from 1991 to 1997, under the conditions of production of small parcels of the City of Havana, in Ferrallitic red and Sandy Loam transported soils was conduced a study on the organic production of agricultural crops and the hold of people by unit area. As consumption rate was 14 kg / month / person for viands, 8 kg / month / capita for vegetables and 3 kg / month / capita for the grains, indicators used in the Food Plan in the cuban conditions.

In the cultivation of vegetables were used normal irrigations, in the viands, grains and fruit were used water management with deficit irrigation.It was found that a strategy of sowing and a proper rational exploitation of the crops and the resources make enable that the agricultural yields per unit area increases. With an overall 55% of viands, 25% grains and 20% vegetables, were sufficient to feed 90 people / hectare / year from the production of viands and vegetables, but was insufficient to production of grains and fruits, excluding demand in rice and wheat.

To satisfy the demand for grains and fruits it is necessary to reduce the number of users to 60 people / hectare / year and increasing the proportion of the area to be dedicated to the cultivation of grains and fruit, from the reduction of area for to viands and vegetables, the area currently dedicated to fruit represents 15 % of the total area.

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