Pollution is killing the Nile river

Pollution is killing the Nile river

                                                       Posted by pier.barakat the April 8, 2010, in Environmental Issues, Waste

Before it was discovered that the Amazon is the world’s longest river, the Nile bore that title. From childhood we have heard his name in the books of geography and mention made us go in imagination to the time of the pharaohs, hieroglyphics and pyramids. Unfortunately, the Nile river now we not only goes back a glorious and mythic. Now to talk about the Nile, inevitably we must mention a little magic word: pollution.

With 6,756 kilometers long, the  Nile river runs through ten African countries. Born in Burundi and flows into the Mediterranean sea dirtiest in the world. Become a tourist attraction of world importance, not only on its banks have settled populations, but also hotels, shops of all kinds and innumerable factories producing organic and industrial waste that often ends in the water. Specialists estimate that every year are thrown almost 275 million tons of organic waste and industrial, from hospitals, hotels and sewage systems in the Egyptian Nile

Educared organization has indicated on its Web site: Inspectors from the Inspectorate of the Environment found that many hotels did not use plants wastewater treatment, but the casting directly into the river. To all this we add the pollution caused by inadequate drainage systems in rural villages, whose wastewater and dedicated to irrigation flow into the river channel by adding fertilizers and pesticides.

For one thing, the web portal ‘Lareserva.com has cataloged the Nile as the seventh most polluted river in the world: The diversion of the Nile river, along with the accumulation of sediment trapped behind the dams, has caused the contraction the fertile Nile delta. Of 47 commercial fish species, about 30 have become extinct or virtually extinct. Delta fisheries that once supported more than one million people have been killed.

Although the Egyptian Ministry of Environment announced a millionaire plan to raise awareness of the people about the importance of keeping clean the Nile, the results so far are not visible. The custom of washing clothes and washing utensils in the river, and the courage of plastic and metal products and even dead animals in the river, are other aspects that are destroying this legendary river that gave birth to the most important civilizations of world.


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