Floods in Gran Canaria require more effective drainage works.

Juan G. R. and Juan G. M. Floods in Gran Canaria require more effective drainage works.

Water and Irrigation Vol .: 6, No. 1: 30-31, October, 2015, Spain.

 The rains that fell from 20 to 23 October in different areas of the island of Gran Canaria have caused: major flooding, cutting roads, traffic congestion in the capital and in the northern entrance of the city, as well as economic losses considerable. The rapid urban development on several occasions has not valued enough guarantee the sewage plan and facilities protection against flooding in the Canary Islands so it is necessary to undertake urban drainage works that facilitate the rapid evacuation of water.Torrential rains were accompanied by hail and caused the water ran through the streets, dragged mud and cars ,flooded several neighborhoods and shopping centers, prompting that the Insular Emergency Plan was activated and mobilized troops are.

The rains in different parts of the island of Gran Canaria have caused: major flooding, traffic congestion in the capital and in the northern entrance of the city, damage to tourist facilities and considerable economic losses .The retention and flooding there have emerged from the 20 to October 23 were produced rockfall at the exit of the tunnel Silva, the water that ran through the streets, it dragged mud and cars and flooded several neighborhoods and commercial centers of the capital. Insular Emergency Plan was activated and mobilized all forces to act at any time.

Torrential rains were accompanied by hail and have caused the water anegue streets, houses and shopping centers. There have been traffic jams in the capital, in the North Road and at the northern entrance of the city roads and some highways were cut, there was diversion of aircraft. The storm entered the island through the South and Southeast, went through the capital Las Palmas and later left rainfall in the north of the island, according to local sources of information and television in Spain.

The greater intensity of precipitation corresponded to day 20 with values of 60 mm in two hours and an instantaneous intensity of rainfall of 14 liters in 10 minutes, on day 22 rains of 66 mm were also recorded. The accumulated in different areas of the Capital rainfall ranging from 60 to 100 mm for the period under review, 216 liters per square meter in 24 hours in the day 23 are also recorded in the center of San Pedro and up to 160 liters in San Isidro, both of Brena Alta on the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, torrential rains in the region caused by runoff ravines and roads that caused some problems on the coast, according to the time of the State Meteorological Agency.

Geographical Research on rains and floods in tourist center in Gran Canaria in 2006 by Mayer S. P, Perez Chacon E. E. and Romero M. L. show that the south of Gran Canaria has been heavily transformed by tourist facilities that have been made since 1962. Regarding the evolution of episodes of heavy rain and the problems, said the increase for damages from floods, is explained by the way they have performed urban growth and tourism infrastructures associated with them.

The flood control in urban areas is not only a problem in Spain, but it also occurs with great intensity in different regions of Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, where flooding caused extensive damage and loss of life materials, solve problems reflect a common factor, are special hydraulic engineering projects which require large investments and state aid to prioritize an action plan to reduce the ravages of flooding to a minimum.

 The flood control should be intensified, it is necessary decisions in time to counteract the damage caused by excessive rains, the investments to be made to ensure these measures are smaller than those caused by human and material losses themselves, not it is necessary to wait until there are significant losses as a result of excessive water to develop a more effective strategy. In many towns and cities of Spain there are areas with poor drainage system is unable to evacuate large volumes of water in a short time, to address the challenge of climate change, which is increasingly aggressive Moreover, the rapid development urban repeatedly has not valued enough security plan sewerage and facility protection against internal and external flooding, there are means of communication that are not properly protected and have systems of poor drainage, which results in that large areas are flooded and causing losses in urban areas side.



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