Floods in the corridor of US tornadoes.

Juan G. R. and Juan P. J. A. Floods in the corridor of US tornadoes.

Water and Irrigation Vol .: 7, No. 1: 19-20, August, 2016, Spain.

In 2016 torrential rains have caused flooding in the states of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois. Being the most damaged Louisiana and Texas to the southern United States, where there have been annual rainfall accumulated until August in Baton Rouge in Louisiana 2510mm and 1724 mm at the airport Bergstrom in Texas, it has seen a great climatic instability in the region. Flooding in Louisiana as a result of storms have killed 13 people, economic losses are valued at over one billion dollars. It has declared a state of natural disaster for the State of Louisiana.

More than 15 floods have affected the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Missouri since March 2015, according to sources of local information.

In March 2016 floods occurred in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. In the south east of Monroe in Louisiana storms formed and torrential rains fell 686 mm from 8 to 11 March .The Sabine River in Texas Deweyville causes flooding.

Most tornadoes in the United States are formed in an area known as Tornado Alley area. The core of this area includes parts of the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, gradually extending side regions of this large area as part of the states of Colorado and New Mexico to the west and the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee in the South came up from the Southeast to the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. In the side areas of the states of the bottom of the High Plains and the southern states are the states of the Midwest.

In April 2016 fell rainfall above 150 mm in parts of Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska and Oklahoma and rainfall greater than 250 mm in Texas, rescues were performed in water in Arkansas. Colorado river overflow and Christmas in Columbus River in Sublime recorded.

On May 16 rains of 305 mm were recorded in Texas causing flooding in the affected areas, numerous rescues were performed in water. In the east of Brenham, Texas, on May 27 it fell torrential rains of 521mm.

In early June some rivers in Texas such as Spring Creek, Trinity and Brazos were overwhelmed causing flooding in affected areas.

Great floods have affected southern and eastern Louisiana in Agosto2016, as a result of storms. Torrential rains from 12 to 14 August in Louisiana have reached values of 788 mm have killed thirteen people, affected about 40,000 homes and left 30,000 homeless, so that President Barack Obama has declared a state of natural disaster for Louisiana. The water level of many rivers in the region has raised increasing flood damage. Economic losses are valued at over one billion dollars. Flooding in southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois also occurred.

Dibujo 79. Inundaciones en Louisiana

Image taken by NOAA on August 14 in Port Vincent, one of the areas of Louisiana that were submerged after heavy rains. NOAA Remote Sensing Division, NASA.

The American Red Cross has also mobilized a large number of volunteers, have organized collections for flood victims, and have collected food, water or blankets .The floods remind people of Louisiana disaster of Hurricane Katrina, which caused the death of 1,800 people in 2005.

The annual rainfall accumulated until August in Baton Rouge in Louisiana were 2510mm and 1724 mm in Bergstrom Airport in Texas, according Southeast Regional Climate Center. The annual rainfall for the United States is about 700 mm which indicates that rainfall has increased by more than three times normal for the State of Louisiana and reflects major floods and a great climate instability.


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