Argentina floods affect five million hectares

Argentina floods affect five million hectares

Digital Journal: Sinembargo-07/09/2012, Mexico / Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About five million hectares of the province  Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest, are affected by the floods that have caused heavy rains in recent days, officials said. The rain and bad weather caused major delays at domestic and regional flights operating from Aeropark Jorge Newbery and serious jams in the capital of Argentina, but the greatest damage was recorded in the Buenos Aires farm.

Rural Affairs Minister, Gustavo Arrieta said that already 17 districts in which it has declared a state of agricultural emergency in the center and west of the province, after that in the last hours’ll earn another two at 15 declared a day earlier. In Pehuajo, one of the most affected, the 80 percent of its area is flooded by water and farmers and ranchers in the area warn of the serious economic losses, cutting roads and food shortages. It rained so that rains throughout the year, we have all of the roads cut or hard, said in the channel TN  the producer Jose Pelayo. These people live of the farm and do not know what will happen. Entire production chain and financial-economic it resent and it cut, Pelayo said. Cows are calving into the water and die calves, described the president of the Rural Society, Hugo Luis Biolcati, who recalled that the water takes time to go away, sometimes it takes years to recover soils.

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez announced yesterday that water works will be carried out by 37 million pesos, about $ 7 million in the province to reduce the impact of the floods. According to the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa, the economic losses amounted to 4,500 million pesos about $ 966 million. EFE

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