Economic technical parameters of the central pivot Fregat in the tobacco Virginia type.

Juan, G. R., A. R. Crespo, P. R. Santana y A. Cabrera. Economic technical parameters of the central pivot Fregat in the tobacco Virginia type.

Hydraulic Engineering Vol.19 (2): 3-6, Havana, Cuba 1998.

The economic evaluation of central pivot in tobacco enterprise Sandino, municipality Mantua, province Pinar del Rio was conduced. When were used eight irrigations and a net irrigation requirement of 1503 m3/ha, was got a yield of 1.1 t/ha with an increase of 0.4 t/ha in comparison with no irrigated tobacco. The supplementary net benefit as consequence of irrigation was 229 pesos/ha and possibility and investment recuperation time of 8.1 years. To obtain highest yields will possibility a greatest irrigation profitability and will reduce the recovery time of the investment.


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Table 2.18.  Irrigation economic technical parameters of tobacco type Virginia.

Principal parameters— Measure——-Central pivot– No irrigated
Yield t/ha 1,1 0,7
Additional Yield t/ha 0,4
Average Price pesos/t 2 391,4 2 065,3
Production agriculture cost

–  Of their: irrigation





2 380,6



1 424,5

– Expenses induced by irrigation pesos/ha 766,9
Production Cost of 1 t pesos 2 164,2 2 035,0
Additional Cost  of   1 t pesos 2 390,3

Production agriculture value

pesos/ha 2 630,5 1 445,7

Additional production value




1 184,8


Net benefit pesos/ha 249,9 21,2
Additional net benefit pesos/ha 248,7
Profitability of  production % 11 2
Profitability to the irrigation % 24
Irrigation  Investment pesos/ha 1 449,0
Investment induced by the irrigation  





Recovery time of the additional investment  






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