Inaugurated work fast filter drinking water in North-West District Neighborhood

Inaugurated work fast filter drinking water in North-West District Neighborhood

DNA Digital News Agency, December 27, 2014, Argentina.

Inaugurated work installation quick filter for the improvement of service provision of drinking water to the population in the area of North-West District Neighborhood, Cipolletti, Argentina The work has a delivery capacity 400 cubic meters per hour, the entire work made demanded a total investment of more than $ 2,543,174.

Installation work quickly filter to improve service provision of potable water in the area of Northwest District Neighborhood Cipolletti was officially inaugurated. The work demanded a total investment of more than $ 2,543,174, according to government data. The provincial government anticipated that soon the work of the Administrative Center in the Neighborhood Northwest District will start and committed to funding for the electrical and lighting multistage network.

The work of the rapid filter was enabled during a ceremony chaired the Governor Alberto Weretilneck and were the president of Rionegrinas Waters, Roger Garcia, legislators, councilors, leaders of cooperatives and associations. The task faced by the state company from which you may supply the population of the North Zone with a moderate cost was highlighted. This is another work that Aguas Rionegrinas unfolds throughout the province in order to provide water and promote growth and secured by the same official part there is no city that does not we are demanding more energy more water or more sewage treatment.

The work inaugurated included different works among which are: the intake of water onto the main irrigation canal; PVC pipe flushing washing water and fast filter construction of 400 cubic meters per hour. Furthermore, two centrifugal pumps 200 cubic meters per hour with their respective boards are provided; the discharge of wash water is placed; the guard room, board and chlorination were built, a perimeter fence was installed.

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