Major flooding in the UK in 2014 demanding better drainage networks .

Juan G.R. Major flooding in the UK in 2014 demanding better drainage networks .
Water and Irrigation . Vol : 5, No. 1:4-6 , February, 2014 , Spain .

The rainstorm that hit the UK in late 2013 and during January and February 2014 have caused widespread flooding , southern England suffered the worst flooding in decades , River Thames that divides the city of London reached its highest level of its waters in 30 years. The groundwater level is so high that some areas may remain flooded for months. Floods however, seems a result of many years of neglect combined with the heaviest rains in England for nearly 250 years, influenced by climate change. Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds have damaged homes and buildings , roads and power grids, toppling trees, have been flooded urban, agricultural areas and commercial properpies, causing economic damage .

In mid- February 2014 , The rainstorm that sweeping the UK has caused the worst flooding, Surrey and Berkshire counties , south and southwest of London, are the most affected by the torrential rains . The Thames Valley suffers floods endanger lives , Thames River that divides the city of London  reached its highest in 30 years its water level . So far more than 130 troops and the British navy in the Thames Valley , the area affected by the storms were deployed . Many roads remain closed due to flooding and falling trees as winds reached as high in recent days to 160 kilometers per hour. The groundwater level is so high that some areas may remain flooded for months.

Records of meteorological data began in 1767 in the UK , it had never given a January so rainy as this year. The constant rains have worsened the plight continued in flooded large parts of southern England and in particular the so-called Somerset Levels, in the southwest. Political pressure is also increasing , as the indignation of the inhabitants of the affected areas , which in some cases lead flooded since Christmas .  Floods however, seems a result of many years of neglect combined with more persistent rain in England for nearly 250 years. Suddenly , climate change , away from the media since the financial crisis erupted in 2008 , is back in news. The weather forecast , however , is not optimistic. Flood alarms southwest of the country no longer restrict : virtually all of southern England , including London, runs the risk of such .

– According to Adam Withnall January 2014 rainfall breaks records for parts of England. The south-east and southern regions of England have already received more than twice their average rainfall – a combined total of 175.2mm beating a previous record of 158.2mm in January 1988.

-The Somerset Levels, the South-west and south Wales has received 222.6mm so far this month – making it the fifth-wettest and still some way short of the 244.3mm record set in 1948.

-For the UK as a whole, 164.6 mm of rain has fallen so far this month, 35 per cent above the long-term average, with all regions having above average rainfall.

-But the spokesman said the wet weather had been accompanied by milder temperatures. The main reason for the mild and wet weather so far is that we have seen a predominance of west and south-west winds, bringing in mild air from the Atlantic – as well as the unsettled and at times stormy conditions.

-South east and central southern England is already seeing its 6th wettest winter since 1910 and the wettest weather since 1995, when 369.7mm of rainfall was recorded.

-The wettest winter on record was in 1915 with 437.1mm of rainfall. Currently the rainfall record for the period from 1 December 2013 to 19 February 2014 is the 692 mm in Wales and 487 mm for U K according sources Meteorological Office of U K.

The flood of the River Thames during the month of January 2014, due to heavy rainfall is causing flooding in southern England . The British authorities have warned that the level of the Thames continue to rise but can not predict the extent because the river is fed by dozens of small tributaries.

Heavy rains in the south of England have caused flooding in cities like Surrey and Dorcet , where many people were rescued on Christmas Eve 2013. Surrey residents have suffered several days of rain and floods. About 75,000 homes remain without power supply in the UK. A flood in the power plant from Gatwick Airport in London , caused the cancellation of several flights . In Scotland, the winds reaching 80 miles per hour caused disruptions in air and maritime transport.

Moreover across the Atlantic Ocean two states of southeastern Brazil have been hit by heavy rains and floods. It is estimated that at least 40 people have died and some 50,000 have been left homeless. Dozens of houses, streets and bridges were destroyed, and many cities are without electricity or running water. The governor of Espirito Santo , said the floods were the worst that have occurred in the area in the past 90 years. In Mexico , the National Water Commission notes that during the morning of December 25 to enter northern Chihuahua and Coahuila a new cold front will generate heavy rain in Nuevo Leon, Durango , Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi, and very strong in Tamaulipas. Because this system is expected to advance rapidly to the east -southeast , the potential for very heavy rainfall in intense Veracruz , Tabasco and Chiapas remains for the next 5 days.

Many cities in Canada and the northern United States have spent Christmas without electricity, Michigan and Toronto have been one of the cities most affected by the storms frost. Around 800,000 people were without electricity , there are many places there is no heat or water . The low pressure  created in the Atlantic region of the United States and United Kingdom and other European countries facilitated the movement of continental masses of cold moist air pushed from high pressure areas in North America.

Southern England and Wales is on orange alert for the arrival of a storm. The Met Office has warned of heavy rain and winds up to 130 kilometers per hour from the day October 27, 2013 in England and Wales , which could be the worst storm experienced by the UK in five years. The Environment Agency has warned of widespread flooding rains before they could download 25 liters of water per square meter in just six hours. The storm is growing as it moves across the Atlantic, the authorities have asked the public to be alert and prepared for the possibility of flooding. Heavy rains will be accompanied by strong winds that could topple trees, damaging homes and buildings, and cause cuts in electricity supply or urban transport.

Heavy rains as a consequence of the combined action of different meteorological factors within and outside the territory of the United Kingdom has caused severe flooding and economic damage estimated in billions of euros , so it is necessary to further evaluate the effects rainfall that caused the flow of inland waters and the effects of rainfall corresponding to the external water in the affected areas in order to build networks where required external and internal drainage to reduce runoff from water external and internal waters can be exhausted in less time , reducing flood damage . Should be improved from the new record rainfall the calculation of internal drainage in cities as well as clean and give more section to the channels used to drain the excess water .

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