Technical details of the introduction of irrigation results.

Juan G. R. Technical details of the introduction of irrigation results.

Research Institute of Irrigation and Drainage, Havana , Cuba 1997.

The technical sheet of the results provides a record of every one of the technician scientific results in the production, which refers to: Code of the result, the result name, relationship author and degree of participation, entity that got the achievement, introducer entity, enterprise where was realized the introduction, extension years, in what year was introduced the result, economic or social contribution of the achievement introduced per unit area. Each result has a specific code that allows calculating the total economic impact of the introduction to consider the total area that will benefit the achievement introduced.

The extension must have representative demonstration areas, in order to extrapolate their results to other regions, the extensions must be conducted for at least during two years.

The results irrigation broader economic were: The irrigation forecast of economic crops, modernization irrigation of rice system, hydrometric operating, the water requirement of crops, project irrigation regime of the crops, technological development of irrigation, the use of drainage techniques in agricultural areas, automation of irrigation. Water requirement of crops were determined in:Banana, Vegetables, Tobacco, Potato, Rice, Citrus, Sugar Cane, Grains, Tubers and Roots.

In the analysis of the economic contribution of the results of irrigation, it becomes clear that the expenses of the scientific institutions were below to the value of the achievements made, which highlighted the economic impact of investigations of irrigation and drainage. Its is necessary to work primarily on research irrigation that resolve problems in production, which will facilitate the subsequent introduction of the results, since they contribute to the development of the country and allow hydraulic greater economic effectiveness of science and technology.

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