Irrigation operating.

Juan G. R. Irrigation operating.

Juan G. R. “Tobacco irrigation” Page 152-174. Madrid, Spain, 2002.

The operation of irrigation systems is aimed to achieve a fundamental rational use of the different elements that constitute the same, such as: surface and underground sources of water supply; conducing water networks; irrigation networks; drainage networks; hydrometric works ; waterworks; irrigation equipment, as well as create workshops for the repair and maintenance of: irrigation equipment, components and accessories irrigation, equipment for the maintenance and repair of the different components of irrigation and drainage systems.

Proper operation of the tobacco irrigation primary focus should be to ensure rational use of water, get a saving water and energy, increase productivity of irrigator and operator, achieving the proper management of water irrigation, improve the efficiency of irrigation and pumping equipment, lower operating costs of irrigation, reduce production costs per tonne produced from farms in irrigated conditions. To achieve the goals set have been made recommendations on: Exploitation and modification of irrigation facilities, skilled force and the scheduling of training courses, problems of the sources of water supply and recommended solutions, politics in the repair and maintenance of equipment pumping, irrigation controls, incidence of operators and irrigators, challenges and suggestions on the implementation of water requirements and irrigation intervals, retrieval and maintenance of the sprinkling elements, irrigation scheduling and agricultural technique, reflections on the yield and quality of tobacco.

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