Evapotranspiration and bioclimatic coefficients K in the Eureka Lemon

Cardenas O. R., Rey G. R., Toledo P. E. Evapotranspiration and bioclimatic coefficients K in the Eureka Lemon.

Irrigation and Drainage Series Vol. 5 No 1: 5-16, 1982, Cuba.

The results from a study on the actual evapotranspiration ETR-Eureka Lemon, Citrus lemon L. at the stage of promotion under the conditions of soil and climate of Jaguey Grande, Matanzas was shown. It was used 4 treatments for irrigation regime during 1979 – 1980 periods using the water balance method as a basis for control of soil moisture. The actual annual evapotranspiration varies between 883 and 1769 mm for treatments drier and more humid respectively. In the more humid the ETR averaged 4.85 mm per day and in the driest of 2.42 mm per day.

Bioclimatic coefficients K were determined every ten days of the ratio of actual evapotranspiration with evaporation determined in the evaporímeter Class A, with annual values between 0.42 and 0.84, for the treatments under study.

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7 years ago

agradeceria la informacion para proyecto de citricos en colombia