Real evapotranspiration of sweet potato

Castellanos A., Martinez R.and Roque R. Real evapotranspiration of sweet potato

Irrigation and Drainage Series 7 (1): 55-68.1984, Cuba.

The real evapotranspiration of sweet potato in a red Ferralitic soil at theExperimental Station of Irrigation and Drainage in the province of Havana was studied, 5 treatments of soil moisture and 3 clones of sweet potato: CEMSA 74-228, 78-354 and CEMSA CEMSA 78-425 were used. It was found that from the point of view of irrigation, there are two major phases: the first from sowing to the beginning of tuberization and lasts 45 days, in the same soil is moistened to 0.30 m depth, the second stage is from the beginning of tuberization to harvest and lasts about 60 days, during this period the soil is moistened to 0.40 m depth.

Most evapotranspiration corresponded to treatment which irrigate to 85% of field capacity throughout the crop cycle with total values ranging from 322 to 363 mm, with yields from 22.0 to 30.9 t / ha. The maximum evapotranspiration occurs at the beginning of the phase of tuber harvest to values from 3.04 to 3.22 mm / day. The total water requeriment was 1950 m3/ha to use 9 irrigations. In the treatment that only guaranteed the irrigation for germination of the crop, it was found that total evapotranspiration ranged from 132 up to 152 mm with yields from 11.1 to 16.0 t / ha.

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