Maximum and real evapotranspiration of tomato

Leon M. Delibaltov I. Maximum and real evapotranspiration of tomato.

Irrigation and Drainage Series, Volume 4 No 1: 19-32, 1981, Cuba.

In the Horticultural Experiment Station “Lillian Dimitrova” in the province of Havana, was studied the water needs of tomato in soil red ferrallitic. The maximum evapotranspiration was determined in lisimeter of compensation type, real evapotranspiration was determined in plots distributed in randomized blocks. The timing of irrigation was established from the dynamics of the ETM and soil moisture in the parcel which was irrigated by the gravimetric method. It was found that:

The tomato transplant has a maximum evapotranspiration between 305 and 380 mm depending on the weather patterns, the real evapotranspiration according to the treatment studies were between 244 to 305 mm, with total water requirements from 2200 to 2700 m3 and partial water requirements front 200 to 215 mm. The maximum demand of water consumption is found from flowering to fruiting, which is the most critical phase of the tomato water requirements in the same water consumption is about 55% of total evapotranspiration.

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