Maximum and real evapotranspiration of the pepper crop.

Leon M. Montalvo M. Maximum and actual evapotranspiration of the pepper crop.

Irrigation and Drainage Series, Vol.9, No. 2:7-18, 1986, Cuba.

In order to determine the maximum demand and actual water requirements in crop of pepper California Wonder variety is developing an experiment for two years from 1983 to 1985 in the period from November to March, in Lillian Dimitrova Horticultural Experiment Station, Havana province. The maximum evapotranspiration was determined in terms of lisimeter type and the actual evapotranspiration with seven treatments in a randomized block design, the first five treatments were irrigated on the basis of maximum evapotranspiration, the sixth treatment is irrigated by the method of the dynamics of soil moisture, the seventh treatment was not irrigated after the establishment of the plant.

The ETM total of the pepper was 485.7 mm, and the ETR as treatment varied between 291.4 and 439 mm. By relating the evaporation with the evapotranspiration registered in evaporímeter Class A were obtained global bioclimatic coefficients of 0.61 for the ETM and from 0.37 to 0.56 for ETR. The maximum water consumption per plant was in the flowering-fruiting stage, the best treatment was irrigated to 85% of field capacity, with a yield of 20 t / ha, for which it was necessary to apply a total net water demand of 3082 m3 distributed in 14 irrigations.

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jose velez
jose velez
7 years ago

hola estoy interesado saber mas de este tema, como puede obtener el articulo completo

Diego Chamba
Diego Chamba
9 years ago

Me interesaría saber mas del tema, como se pueden obtner los artículos completos de esta página¿ saludos