Evapotranspiration of tomato crop in tropical conditions

Leon F. M. Evapotranspiration of tomato crop in tropical conditions.

Thesis for the degree of Agricultural Sciences Doctor. Hydro technique and Melioration Institute, Sofia, 1984

It was studied the irrigation regime in tomato Horticultural Experiment Station “Lillian Dimitrova” in the province of Havana, in a red Ferrallitic soil. The timing of irrigation was established from the dynamics of the maximum evapotranspiration and soil moisture in the parcel which was irrigated by the gravimetric method. It was found that the real evapotranspiration of tomato varied from 244 to 305 mm, according to the treatments under study.

We recommend irrigation when soil moisture drops to 85% of field capacity, which is the economic production limit obtained experimental yields of 60 t / ha, employing 10 to 12 irrigations. The depth of wetting for irrigation is 30 cm. to the transplanting state to flowering and 40 cm from flowering state until the end of the crop cycle.

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