Evapotranspiration of pineapple

Bonet Pérez C., Guerrero Posada P. A. Evapotranspiration of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr)

 Ingeniería Agrícola, Vol. 2, No 2: 39-46, 2012.Cuba

 Instituto de Investigaciones de Ingeniería Agrícola Filial Camagüey.

The results of the pineapple crop (Ananas comosus. L.Merr), irrigation research was carried out during four years with the objective of evaluate the relationship between the evapotranspiration and the plant development, using sprinkler irrigation of medium pressure It was proved that the influence was bigger when there was more soil available water. In the different treatments increase the crop evapotranspiration during the January-May period, with the maximum in March-April, it is a consequence of the evaporation increase and the crop vegetative stage (flowering-fruit development).

The yield was 18% bigger in the 80% of field capacity irrigation treatment regarding to the treatment without irrigation. The crop evapotranspiration was determined for the 80% field capacity treatment, the results for the whole cycle were 2,55mm∙/d. As a result of the research work has been verified that the evapotranspiration in this crop has a great influence of the soil moisture level when it decreases the plants economize the water consumption.





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