Agro economic study of Limoncito reservoir.

Juan G. R. Agro economic study of Limoncito reservoir. National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, Havana, Cuba, 1965 /.

/ National Direction of Irrigation and Drainage, Research Institute of Irrigation and Drainage, Irrigation and Drainage Faculty, CIDA, 1978./

The entire hydraulic Limoncito is 20 kilometres from the Holguin city in Cuba. The volume of the reservoir is 5.2 million m3 of water, however, as a result of the regulation of river runoff Camazán, guaranteed delivery of net water with a 75% probability reaches 8.5 million m3 of water. Basic capital investment is considered in 2.5 million pesos and a possible benefit area of 820 hectares of which 580 hectares are used for the sugarcane crop, 200 hectares of grazing cattle with dual purpose, using food in mass pangola green, fodder and animal feed, 40 hectares are devoted to vegetables and tubers.

We carried out a comparative study of the economic value of production, costs and value received in the different crops with irrigation and without irrigation, it was determined the operating costs, the calculation of the value and additional recovery time of investments. The recovery time of investment is 23 to 24 years and recommended the non-execution of the work for these conditions.
After 5 years changed the structure of crops and increased the profitability of crops, reducing the recovery time of investment.

Agro economic study to outline level of the reservoir Limoncito was used as teaching material for the calculation of the Agro Economic Studies in Irrigation and Drainage Faculty of the Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Havana.

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