Agro economic study of Guayabo dam

Juan G. R. Agro economic study of Guayabo dam

National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, Havana, Cuba, 1967. /

Agro economic study of the Guayabo dam is dedicated to determine the effectiveness of dual-purpose cattle in the irrigation conditions of the Isle of Pines. The structure of the herd considered is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, which establish that 43% of the herd consists of cows and 17 % by calves. It is considered that each cow of dual-purpose can provide 1500 litres of milk per year and that the herd can make 950 kg of meat per year per hectare of irrigated land. In cattle food is used: green mass provided by the cultivation of pangola grazing, fodder, feed, honey and salt.

The economic losses induced by the construction of hydraulic project and the operating costs of all hydraulic works were determined. To conduct the study was compared the economic grazing livestock dual purpose in irrigation conditions, with dry pasture. The recovery time of investment is estimated at 10 to 11 years and recommends the implementation of the final draft.


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