Spain needs to strengthen the economic situation of the agricultural sector.

Juan G. R. Spain needs to strengthen the economic situation of the agricultural sector.

Water and Irrigation. Volume: 3, 1: 4-5, September, 2012, Spain

The demographic growth of the world population, the rapid economic development of China and India caused considerable demand for water, fuel, energy, food and the increasing food demand of the Spanish population, make it advisable to improve agricultural policy in Spain and best guarantee the agricultural prices to producers, which will allow for greater stability and profitability of the agricultural sector and will increase its contribution to GDP, and possibility a greater integration of labor to the agricultural sector.

The rapid economic development of China and India causes a considerable demand for raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, water, food, technology, etc. It is expected that by 2030, the water needs of the two countries to meet its growing domestic cause major shortages of water, which together with the increased water pollution, the population growth and the large displacement of rural population to cities shows that will increase food needs of these two Asian countries, which have a combined population of about 3500 million. The situation becomes more critical when you take into consideration that by 2030 the world population will be about 8300 million.

Current production of agricultural products in the EU is insufficient to supply it needs as this has a negative balance in the agricultural trade balance. The African continent has a poor agricultural production and need to create the conditions for increased agricultural development, even when taking into consideration the high birth rate and low technological development that has. The American continent has large reserves of water and is emerging as a major producer of food and within them USA is the largest exporter of food in the world with a positive agricultural trade balance of around 5%.

An analysis of the arguments expressed above is recommended, review the current situation of Spanish agriculture and designed to improve agricultural policy, best price guarantee agricultural producers to allow greater stability and profitability of agriculture, increase yields, improve water management and further development potential livestock agro medium and long term according the challenge that situation requires perspective, since it has deteriorated gradually over the past 10 years. The economic crisis of the agricultural sector has manifested long before the economic crisis in the financial sector, but priority is given to the financial sector, while the economic solution of the crisis in the agricultural sector is slow and is becoming increasingly acute. It is necessary to analyze the economic and financial technical problems of the agricultural sector so that it contributes more and more to increase the country’s gross domestic product and as is able to assimilate large numbers of unemployed workers and  that will ensure a stable and profitable work. The economic stability of the agricultural sector also contributes to the sustainability of the agricultural industry and the stability  prices of food products for the benefit of the Spanish people and allows, together with other economic areas to the harmonious development of the nation.

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