Testing of irrigation regime on cassava crop.

Martinez M., Martinez V. B. R., Arce S. R. Testing of irrigation regime on cassava crop.

Tropical Viandas Series: 83-94.1982, Cuba.

The irrigation regime of cassava, in a brown soil with carbonates in the conditions of Villa Clara, Cuba was studied. It is recommended to irrigate the crop at a level of soil moisture 80% of field capacity during the first 30 days after sowing, with a depth of wetting of the root system of 0.20 m, then it must irrigate to a soil field capacity not less than 70%, at a depth of 0.40 m until 30 days before harvest. The total crop water requirements was 2328 m3 / ha for 7 irrigations applied, obtaining a yield of 38 t / ha. The cossava crop is tolerant to water stress.

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9 years ago

quisiera saber cada cuanto se riega la yuca y que clima tiene. (es pequeña)

11 months ago
Reply to  RJuan

De 5 a 6 riegos en que cantidad de tiempo?

Dr. Manuel Alfredo Hernández Victoria
Dr. Manuel Alfredo Hernández Victoria
10 years ago

De ser posible obtener el trabajo completo, donde exprese condiciones del clima, técnica de riego e hidrometría empleada.