The fight against the floods.

Juan G. R. The fight against the floods.

Newspaper Information, Alicante ,Spain Pág.16, 24/10/2007 /./ Hispagua. Spanish Information System on Water. Press News Pág.12496.

The flood control should be intensified, it is necessary to make decision-making in time to counteract the damage caused by excessive water, investment to implement these measures are more small than human and material losses caused by them, not it is necessary to wait until there are huge losses as a result of excessive water to develop a more effective strategy. The autumn of the year 2007 has begun with heavy rains and already there are areas where rains have fallen cumulative 400 l/m2 in 48 hours, which has caused heavy losses as occurred in the towns of Calpe , Pego, El Vergel, Beniarbeig and Els Poblets.

In Spain floods represent a great danger and have a devastating effect, mainly in the Mediterranean zone where there are areas that have recorded rainfall of about 300 l/m2 in 2 4 hours. The warning system and hydrological forecasts allow a more efficient defence against flooding, which in conjunction with the inventory of flooded areas and areas with drainage problems, possible plans that area we must be protect in the short term and which in the long term.

Damage to the people, crops and different sectors of the economy as a result of the flood have a social and economic character that we must look at whose areas we are going to protect and what kind of work we are going to do. The adequacy of the basin, the protection and cleaning of rivers, the rectification of rivers like the case Turia River in the capital city of Valencia, construction of protective dykes, dams, drainage systems in the agricultural areas, forestation, planting crops covering more of the soil, proper urban management, the projection of the road networks, construction of channels belt and the proper projection of the drainage network in the cities, are mechanisms for the fight against floods and avenues.

The year hydrological 2006-2007 has ended with a surplus of 10%, however the system of distribution of rainfall was highly irregular that had resulted in regions with water shortage, however, in just a month that has started the year hydrological 2007-2008 this manifests itself as wet although there are areas that still have water shortage, which shows that the fight against drought and flooding should be treated as an integral problem, it is necessary to undertake a development plan hydraulics in the country, which involves more investment, more dams, more irrigation, more water solutions, which create new infrastructure and to schedule a plan for more effective measures against floods.

First hit us years of drought, then it affects us floods and despite everything we still have areas whose not fully recovered from drought, which shows that the problem is more complex than is currently trying to solve, which linked on industrial development, agriculture, tourism, urban development and human treatment of domestic and industrial discharges, wastewater reuse and increased water demand, make that the problem has become even more difficult to solve and lead better planning careful and greater effectiveness of water resources and economic issues.

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