Study of three flooding time in Sugar cane crop

Marquez J.L and Enriquez J. L. Study of three flooding time in Sugar cane crop.

Irrigation and Drainage Series V. 8 No. 1 P. 21-36, 1985, Havana, Cuba.

In the Experimental Station of the Research Institute of Irrigation and Drainage, in Havana, during the period January 1982 to February 1984, the influence of excessive moisture on the yield of sugar cane was studied. The study was conducted in nine passive hydraulic lysimeters, covering an area of 0.03 ha in a Ferrallitic red compacted soil using the variety CU 87-51. The treatments were three flooding time with depth of 2 to 3 cm. for 3, 6 and 9 days respectively.

The floods were provoke at the start of the formative stage of harvesting or high growth, as results were obtained yield losses of 29 and 39% for 6 and 9 days respect to three days of flooding related to plant cane, for the first shoot the yields losses were 27 and 52% respectively.

In both cases the relationship of flooding time-yield through the regression equations was obtained. The statistical analysis of the Student t done showed a significant difference between the times of drainage for three and six days, as well as three and nine days in sugarcane plantation and in the first shoot.

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